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 Alaska Small Ship Cruises
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what are your favorite cruise songs?

Posted On 03/26/2009 13:48:55 by chassie
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Now...visulize this....you are on your favorite cruiseship. You are in that nice, mellow, happy mood. you are standing on the very top of the upper deck. the wind is flowing through your hair (or you are holding on to your hair so it won't fly off!) you are viewing the beautiful deep blue sea that is before you. a favorite song comes to mind. what is that song that brings out the "yarr" in you when you are cruising?

favorite cruise drinks

Posted On 03/25/2009 17:33:36 by chassie
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when you go on your fabulous cruise, you get on the ship. you packed, prepard, and ready to party! so what is the first thing that comes to your mind. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? what is that favorite first drink you like to have in your hand when you hit the deck! let's get to sipping.....

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