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From: gloscho
07/05/2009 14:03:49

Hello, My name is Gloria and I live In Philadelphia as of last friday june 27 2009. I love to cruise also. I am a Certified Travel Agent. Thank you for inviting me to your cicrle. If i can ever help you plan any of your trips please feel free to ask and I will do my best to get you the best price. I will chat with you later. Have a Good Day.

From: judidm
04/29/2009 23:40:01

Hey!  Thanks for making me Featured Member..I was reading the home page and imagin my surprise when I recognized myself sitting on the front porch!




From: judidm
04/17/2009 18:30:51

I may be a little slow, but I tried to do a roll cal and finally my submit button was th't know if I did it right, because It says ere (for that I thank you), but I don't know how people are supposed to respond.  Am I missing something?


From: michelle1836
03/12/2009 19:55:27

thanks for starting this website.  more cruising stuff to be addicted to!!

From: Zingy
03/11/2009 23:39:55



Seeds are sewn (Carnival, Cruise Critic and Cruisemates), people are viewing the posts and hopefully will come onboard so to speak for you.


Also sent an email to Cheryl from SeaUOnboard.com.  Asked to her view your site and to consider placing a link on her site for your site (she has links for other boards there as well).


Best of luck on your website

From: Zingy
03/11/2009 19:09:21

Been trying to get the word out on your website....hope it helps your membership!  Best of luck.

From: SameeLikestoFly
02/10/2009 11:01:58

you like top 40 pop? haha big danish viking arrgghhh

From: sewjunko
01/18/2009 15:31:52

Hi, Can you help me? How and where do I put a cruise ticker on my profile? Thank you for any help. Sewjunko

From: Beckybear256
12/24/2008 18:47:43

From: TheCaptain
12/24/2008 10:02:14

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