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From: dhudd
05/27/2010 14:01:00

Here in northern California, It's been a very late winter, it should be in the 80's, but it won't stop raining, only 50's & 60's.  What happened to spring time?

From: dhudd
05/27/2010 13:57:29

So you booked another cruise.  Where, when & which cruise line are you going?

From: jaycee422
01/31/2010 21:05:48

Thanks for the warm welcome

From: ghayman
01/05/2010 08:57:35

Oops, just found out how.  I need to click the title of the message and not the thumbnail.


Sorry to bother you.


Looking forward in learning more about how to use this site.


Gary Hayman

From: ghayman
01/05/2010 08:54:13

From: dhudd
12/28/2009 14:17:22

Hello Mike.  Hey I have an idea for you and your web site.  How about selling or distributing some sweatshirts, (or T shirts), that read" I'd Rather Be Cruising".  Then on or near the left breast area you could have the

"U Cruiser" logo, ( a way of advertising your web site).  A lot of people are just waiting for their next cruise, like us, and are at their home town states, where most of them are freezing their butts off like us.  We live in northern California, and it's been between 30's -40's every day.  We can't wait for our next cruise, Nov 2010.  We love the warm weather, hate winter.  So what do you think about the sweatshirts?  Dave 

From: irish
10/14/2009 20:25:53

uCruiser wrote:

Beautiful balcony view background! I makes me want to go again and get my morning coffee out there

I know what you mean, we will be on the Fascination in 110 days and then the Destiny in August, can't wait

From: dreampassages
09/20/2009 13:09:40

hiya!  thanks for the friend request.  love your tweets, by the way.

09/10/2009 17:55:36

Thanks much for the invite...wonderful job on this site, looking forward to surfing it.

From: cruisecrazyeddie
08/22/2009 14:44:13

Congradulations, and thank you for creating this wonderful web site.  I love to cruise and love chatting with others who like me, only live for their next cruise.  My wife Linda, My daughter Martha, and sons Chris and Eddie Jr. , are also addicted to cruising, only one problem, I'm broke, but somehow we keep booking our next cruise.  We have cruised Princess, Rccl, and Carnival and are looking forward to our next cruise in Sept.  I hope people will add me to their friends list, and tell me about their vacations around the world.  God bless America


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